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2015-11-04 12:04 am
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2015-10-12 05:02 am
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are you guys excited for halloween-?
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2015-09-26 02:04 pm
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2015-09-26 01:54 pm
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totally going to draw nsfw of jerry now,,,
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2015-09-26 01:47 pm
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My best friend AntleredVultures on DA was feeling really down so I drew our OC's together u v u theirs is the one on the right-
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2015-09-26 01:42 pm


look at meee !
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2015-09-26 01:39 pm


Summer really has been growing on me lmao
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2015-09-23 11:19 pm


I'm mr. meeseeks lookat meee !
compiling some art together to maybe show to this art school i really want to go to,,, eh-
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2015-09-21 03:03 am
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Sexuality: super, super gay
Age: 18
Am I Single : No
Have I Been Cheated On : Yeah
Crush: Uh,, my gf lmao
Do I Miss My Last Relationship: Hahaha
Who Has My Heart: Bae
Am I The Jealous Type : hoo boy
Ex I Would Take Back: No chance in hell buddy
Last Time I Cried: Mmm,,, Two days ago? yeah
Favorite Song: Breezeblocks- Alt-j
Who Do I Miss : My girlfriend and my grandma
Favorite colors: light pink, pastel green, blues, purples, varied shades of reds and browns
Eye color: grey-blue
Do I believe in love: of course
Do I give second chances: Too many
Am I in love now: Yes
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2015-09-20 05:46 am
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so im super pumped that the whole comm banded together and we support eachother like a big family
i really hope we can grow and this site becomes more comfortable to new users as well- I straight up am super confused about how to work anything but here's to no hate ahah-

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2015-09-19 11:22 pm


malachite is my fave fusion i have a huge crush on her tbh
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2015-09-19 09:37 pm


a tiny version of my ricksona au P-422 eheh
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2015-09-19 08:35 pm


teeny bops

bunch o nerds